Fallback Uprising

Not Another Weekend by Animatic Vision & Dead Blue Friends Now on Steam

A pixel art point 'n' click adventure game, with wacky animation, strange characters and funny dialogues!

General Information

Developer - Animatic Vision & Dead Blue Friends

Publisher - Dionous Games

Release - January 20, 2021

Platform(s) - Windows, macOS, Linux

Number of Players - Single Player

Genre - Point and click, Indie, Adventure game, Pixel art, Humorous

For all the fans of pixel art out there, get ready for the wackiest adventure of time. You are a bellboy, Mike Melkout, working at a high-class hotel. Mike may seem crazy, or even peculiar or he might as well be. Nevertheless, he has only one plan. A dark plan. To throw everyone out in just one Weekend. A humorous point ’n’ click adventure game, set in the ’80s, as a tribute to the pop culture of that era.

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