How it works to list information about your game or idea on this website

So after a lot of trials and experiments the website works for you by selecting a level that you would like to join at. Please read the following information and apply with the form at the end selecting the level that works best for you. I will take any payments if you decide to go this way over on my ko-fi page. That keeps us all safe.

Free Level - No Cost

The Free level entitles you to three images which are

1. A banner image supplied by you 1200 by 500 pixesl

2. A title or card image which is 1080 by 1080 pixels

3. A background image something nice that represents your idea

I will also need a factual description about your idea or game and other information which I will ask from you over email. Sign up to start this process using the form below selecting "Free Level"

Some examples of this level are.

Lotus Reverie by Keinart Lobre

Blast Droids on the Bally Astrocade

Support Level

For this I can make something special for you. In terms of payments, it can either be in the form of a copy of your game that I can play, not a demo a full version or this can be paid. We can discuss over email. Nothing stupid just a fair deal for us both.

Some examples of this level are

Ad Wars by aglitch

The remake of XIII by Microids and PlayMagic

Streets of Rage 4 by Publisher Dotemu and developers Lizardcube

Dirt-5 by Codemasters

If you are not comfortable with a cost then take the free version, or we can discuss something else. I am open to discuss options. Also note you are in control from here, you list, pay and do everything as you feel comfortable with. There is zero pressure. I am just here to help!

Application form

Note: Automatic responses are not enabled on this form. I will personally be in contact as soon as possible.

Select the level you would like to join at

Free Level

Support Level

1. We will not sell or pass on any of your information ever with out your consent.

2. All correspondence between us and yourself or your company is confedential between VoxOdyssey and you.

3. We will not publish information about you or your idea without your consent. All the art and information we recieve remains copyright to you or the person(s) who created the idea.

4. If one day you do decided to leave your information will remain on the website until you ask us to remove it

By hitting apply and completing the application form you agree to these simple terms.