How it works to list information about your game or idea with us

We have made the process very simple, We have a form for you to fill in. This starts our conversation and allows us to work out what will work best to help you.

We want to keep adverts off the website so have a ko-fi account which if you wish to support you can do so, this button is in the main menu of the website. It just helps us do more dev and expand. No more no less.

Application form

We have set the application form in place to help us moderate what our website is showing to the public, we want to keep things safe for everyone, all ideas are welcome big or small we do not place limits other then that the idea is yours or your teams.

Why do we need to be in contact?

VoxOdyssey is not a one size fits all, this allows us to get an idea of how we can best help you. We strongly believe all ideas deserve respect, and we would like to speak to the individuals or teams behind them. This allows us to see what functions of the website will work best for you.

1. We will not sell or pass on any of your information ever with out your consent.

2. All correspondence between us and yourself or your company is confedential between VoxOdyssey and you.

3. We will not publish information about you or your idea without your consent. All the art and information we recieve remains copyright to you or the person(s) who created the idea.

4. If one day you do decided to leave your information will remain on the website until you ask us to remove it

By hitting apply and completing the application form you agree to these simple terms. We are here to help and look foward to helping you achieve your ambitions and dreams.

Please note: We do not give out, or add your email address to any email lists. Nor do we supply any third parties with your contact details ever. We only use your email address to make contact with you, to speak directly to you about your idea and how we can help you.