Videocart 20 Video Whizball
Fairchild Channel F Games

General Information

Developer - Fairchild

Publisher - Fairchild

Release - 1978

Fairchild Channel F Videocart 20 cover
Videocart 20 Video Whizball Channel  F Games

Video Whizball is a game where players control paddles that have to protect a goal from being entered by whizballs. To protect their goal, the player's paddle can fire missiles which can be aimed straight or angled up or downward.

Missiles that hit whizballs can help propel them to start going in an opposite direction. If one of the missiles or whizballs hits the player's or the opponent's paddle, it will temporarily disappear leaving the respective goal undefended. The game is won when either one of the players gets to a previously selected score.

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