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I have one goal
To list every game and game related resources ever created.

(Slowly and in small steps!)
Its free to list so why not give it a go. See the how it works section I do not review games only list the facts about them. VoxOdyssey is just a fun creative place, you could call it a game encyclopedia and slowly it is taking shape!

Feature Game

Recent Additions

Classic game additions

We try to feature some of the more modern games of today above, but our major focus at the moment is to list out the classic and historic games. We feel that these title's have helped to shape and form the game industary that we know today. You can see some of the more recent additions below.

So you may wonder How does it work to list information about your game or idea on this website

I have made the process very simple, and are always looking for new additions to the website so check out how it works.

If you would rather not maintain another website there are options for myself to do this for you also, it all depends on what you think would work best for your idea.

Each person and company's idea is unique, and this is our way to try to respect and gather that information in one safe place. Don't just take our word for it though see what others say below