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VoxOdyssey is a game database project. Respecting the past and building to the future. The game count is now at over 800.

I started up this website because I think that I can help new and established Game Developers, Artists and Creatives see what others are doing in this field. By respecting the past and building to the future, I will slowly list every game ever made. Its free to list so why not give it a go. See the how it works section, I try to just stick with the facts about games, but am going to start a VoxStars section soon for recomendations.... Hopefully more will expand on this as the growth of the website continues.

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Recent Additions...

Classic game additions

I try to feature some of the more modern games of today above, but my major focus at the moment is to list out the classic and historic games. I feel that these title's have helped to shape and form the game industary that we know today. You can see some of the more recent additions below.


Recent Atari Game Additions


So you may wonder How does it work to list information about your game or idea on this website

I have made the process very simple, and are always looking for new additions to the website so check out how it works.

If you would rather not maintain another website there are options for myself to do this for you also, it all depends on what you think would work best for your idea.

Each person and company's idea is unique, and this is my way to try to respect and gather that information in one safe place.