Yuoni by Tricore Inc and Coffee Talk

From Japanese studio Tricore Inc and Coffee Talk publisher Chorus Worldwide comes Yuoni, a terrifying sunset-stained first-person narrative horror game where you have but three choices: hide, run, or die. Yuoni has crept onto PC, PS4, and PS5 today (an Xbox console release is also coming very soon).

General Information

Developer - Tricore Inc

Publisher - Chorus Worldwide Games

Genre - Action, Adventure, Survival Horror, Indie, Stealth, Psychological Horror, Story Rich, 1990's, Singleplayer, 3D

Platform(s) - Steam (for PC),PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S|X, and Xbox One.

Date Released - 19 Aug, 2021

website - https://chorusworldwide.com/yuoni/

Social Media

Yuoni is a first-person horror action game set in Japan in the year 1990. As Ai, a grade-schooler yet to realize how closed off she is, you are forced to play children’s games in a world of permanent dusk.

There, Ai’s life hangs in the balance as you are attacked day after day by shadowy entities and eyeball monsters among other horrors. Eventually monsters start to bleed into the real world, where Ai discovers that she, too…

Test your courage in a dangerous game of hide and seek before initiating a terrifyingly twisted version of tag with abominations not of this world. Use the items you’ve gathered to flee your sunset hell, but be sure to remember the paths you’ve taken or risk being trapped there forever.

Experience an unnerving mix of beauty, fear and nostalgia in a mysterious world where a Japanese house, school and hospital are all inexplicably connected. Explore corridors dyed twilight crimson, witness the ethereal glow of amber through paper walls of a traditional Japanese house and escape creeping black shadows in hospital rooms where the power is somehow always out.

10-year-old Ai has no defensive measures to defeat the enemies you face; instead, you must take advantage of each spirit’s weaknesses to survive. Hold your breath to sneak past blind foes or dash past deaf ones as quick as your little legs can carry you. And if you can’t get away in time, prepare to suffer a dire fate at the hands of unimaginable forces.

Upon clearing the game, another ending will become available to you. What story will this new path unveil? Slipping back into the terrifying world of Yuoni will see you face considerably more challenging foes for an even greater reward.

yuoni yuoni
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