X4: Foundations - Ultimate Space Simulation Game with Massive 7.00 Update

Experience the most sophisticated universe simulation with X4: Foundations. Fly every ship, explore space, manage your empire, and enjoy the massive 7.00 update. Start your journey now!

General Information

Developer - Egosoft

Publisher - Egosoft

Genre - Space Sim, Sandbox, Flight, Simulation, Economy, Trading, Capitalism

Platform(s) - PC (Steam)

Date Released - 30 Nov, 2018

Dive into the universe like never before with X4: Foundations by Egosoft!

Experience the most sophisticated universe simulation to date, where you can fly every ship, explore vast space, and manage a sprawling empire.

Trade, fight, build, and think strategically as you embark on an epic journey. With the massive 7.00 Update, the game has received tons of improvements that will enhance your gameplay experience even further.

X4: Foundations by Egosoft offers the most advanced universe simulation ever created.

Immerse yourself in a living, breathing space sandbox where thousands of ships and stations trade, mine, and produce, all realistically simulated on your PC.

Start as a lone pilot and expand your reach to command fleets and design colossal space stations. Seamlessly transition from first-person action to expansive strategy and management.

Start Your Journey with a variety of different game starts and characters, each with unique roles, relationships, ships, and technologies.

Develop in any direction you choose: focus on exploration, engage in illegal trading, command battle fleets, or become a top entrepreneur. The path is yours to decide.

Fly Every Ship in the game, from small scouts to massive carriers. Enjoy a seamless and immersive experience as you move between ships and explore the universe. Walk over docks and climb into different ships, taking over as pilot with a simple click.

Build Space Stations and Upgrade Your Ships with unparalleled freedom and creativity. Construct stations from various modules, using a powerful new map system to design unique creations. Upgrade ships with engines, weapons, and other equipment in a graphical editor, seeing changes in real-time.

Experience the Most Dynamic X Universe Ever where races and factions build and expand their empires based on supply and demand. Your actions influence the entire universe, making every decision impactful.

Manage Your Empire using a powerful map interface. Order ships with simple clicks, plan trade routes, coordinate fleet attacks, and manage exploration missions. The map is your central tool for empire management.

Dive into a Detailed Economy where wares produced by hundreds of stations and transported by thousands of ships are traded by NPCs. Prices evolve based on this simulated economy, creating a dynamic and realistic universe. Every part of the NPC economy, from ships to stations, is manufactured from resources, making the economy deeply interconnected.

Research and Teleport to elevate your gameplay. Unlock teleportation technology to jump quickly between ships, experiencing critical situations firsthand. Every order you give turns into a mission objective when piloting a ship, with NPCs resuming control when you leave.

Discover the ultimate space simulation experience with X4: Foundations and its massive 7.00 update. Trade, fight, build, and think your way through an epic journey in the vastness of space. Start your adventure today!

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