Wastelander Game by Appstronaut Studios: Survive, Build, Escape the Alien Planet!

Experience Wastelander by Appstronaut Studios, a turn-based strategy game where you build a colony, unlock ancient relics, and survive powerful storms on a desolate alien planet. Can you escape before it's too late?

General Information

Developer - Appstronaut Studios

Publisher - Appstronaut Studios

Genre - Early Access, Turn-Based Strategy, Strategy, Roguelite, Puzzle, Colony Sim, City Builder

Platform(s) - Steam

Date Released - 5 Sep, 2023

Prepare for an epic journey of survival and strategy in Wastelander! This turn-based strategy game challenges you to build a colony from scratch on a desolate planet ravaged by relentless storms.

Dive into the intense world of Wastelander, where every decision could mean life or death. Will you rise as the ultimate survivor and escape the planet's wrath? Watch our gameplay and find out!.

Wastelander by Appstronaut Studios: A Turn-Based Strategy Survival Game

Welcome to Wastelander, the thrilling turn-based strategy game developed by Appstronaut Studios. In this immersive game, you find yourself stranded on a desolate alien planet after your spaceship crashlands, pulled into the atmosphere by a mysterious force. Now, you must build a colony from scratch, explore the barren landscape, and unlock the secrets of an ancient civilization to survive and escape.

Survive and Escape

In Wastelander, survival is your primary objective. The planet is ravaged by increasingly powerful and destructive storms that threaten to wipe out your colony. Time is of the essence as you race against the clock to fortify your defenses and find a way off the planet before the storms become too powerful to withstand. Will you unlock the secrets of this wasteland planet and escape before it's too late?

Strategic Colony Building

Starting with the scattered remains of your spaceship, you must construct and expand your colony. Initially, you will have access to a limited number of basic buildings to get started. As you explore the planet and uncover ancient relics, deployable technology, and new blueprints, you'll be able to build more advanced structures to aid in your mission. Balance exploration with expansion and defense to ensure your colony's survival.

Unique Abilities and Items

To aid in your survival, Wastelander provides a range of abilities and items, including:

Scanners and Drones: Reveal unexplored areas and uncover resources.

Storm Dispersers: Temporarily halt storms in specific areas.

Terraforming: Alter the terrain to your advantage.

Dynamite: Create pathways through mountainous regions.

Each building, item, and ability has a unique purpose, and mastering their use is key to escaping the planet.

Master the Wasteland

Understanding the dangers and learning to defend against them is crucial. Every decision you make, from building placement to resource management, impacts your survival. Wastelander offers easy-to-learn gameplay but poses a significant challenge to master.

Infinite Replay Value

With randomly generated, seeded maps, Wastelander provides infinite replay value and endless new challenges. Play on various difficulty levels or compete with other players’ high scores in the Daily Challenge seed. Discover and construct defenses, upgrade existing buildings, and unlock new ones as you explore maps filled with mystery.

Key Features

Turn-Based Strategy: Easy to learn, hard to master gameplay.

Randomly Generated Maps: Infinite replay value with endless challenges.

Daily Challenge Seed: Compete with other players for high scores.

Advanced Technologies: Discover alien technology to enhance your colony and defense.

Exploration and Defense: Balance building, exploration, and defending against relentless storms.

Wastelander by Appstronaut Studios challenges you to build, survive, and escape a desolate alien planet. With each passing storm growing stronger, strategic planning and quick decision-making are essential. Can you master the wasteland and find a way to escape before it's too late? Dive into the world of Wastelander and test your survival skills today!

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