Z-Run Zombie Endless Runner

RUN! RUN! RUN! ZombiesRun! OUTSMART the ruthless, fearsome zombies. Dash, Dart..FLY! You will escape the cruel, heartless zombies!

Wings of Justice

General Information

Developer - Dreamscape 168

Publisher - Dreamscape 168

Release - 2017

website - www.dreamscape168.com

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Get ready for a zombie invasion, just in time for Halloween! Indie game developer Dreamscape 168 proudly announces the Android release of its zombie-themed, free-to-play, infinite running game Z-Run, available beginning Halloween day, on the Google Play Store.

Z-Run Zombie Endless Runner

Designer's Perspective

The goal of Z-Run is to survive by running as fast and far as possible along a narrow, dynamically generated pathway, all while escaping a pack of unpredictable zombies. Featuring fluid, physics-based movement, and dynamic, colorful 3D environments, Z-Run challenges players to escape aggressive zombies that appear anywhere along an ever changing pathway. The keys to surviving this highly engaging zombie apocalypse are well-timed turns, keen observation and endurance, along with a healthy dose of superchargers and protective shields that can be found along the way. Without these, players face certain death by falling off the narrow path, or by a full zombie assault. Powered by a cast of 30 iconic characters and 6 exciting levels of game-play, Z-Run creates a tricky, demanding and immersive gaming experience that is not for the faint of heart.

Z-Run Zombie Endless Runner

With Z-Run the feeling of being relentlessly pursued by very dark forces is channeled into a mobile game, transforming the terrifying into the entertaining. Unlike other infinite running games like Running Fred and Crossy Road, Z-Run players see the character's face as they run through various environments, not the character's back. This subtle change creates a greater connection to on-screen characters leading to an enhanced overall gaming experience.

Z-Run Zombie Endless Runner

Z-Run is available for free download beginning October 31, 2017

Z-Run Zombie Endless Runner
Z-Run Zombie Endless Runner