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Farland is a campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons®, a roleplaying game.

World of Farland

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Developer - World of Farland

Publisher - World of Farland

Release - 1992

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Specifically, it is a continent on a larger world called Núrion. This small continent is home to Elves, a tall and mysterious race; dwarves, a race of miners and craftsmen; humans, a flexible and prodigious race; and dark folk, creatures of shadows and evil. Farland is important, however, because it is the focus of a war for liberation.

Currently half of the continent is ruled by the Seven Lords of Sin, fell creatures who rule with an iron fist on behalf of a more mysterious being, the Dweller in the icy and evil Wintervale. Farland consists of six human kingdoms and one Dwarven kingdom. The three westernmost human kingdoms have been liberated but are tottering on the brink of invasion, while the four easternmost kingdoms are still under the yolk of this oppressive evil regime. This site details the kingdoms, places, personages, and events of Farland and the wars for liberation.

world of farland

Designer's Perspective

Before the movie Seven, before the other campaign worlds conquered by evil, there was. . . Farland©. I began work on the world of Farland in 1992, and have worked steadily on it (sometimes more steadily than others). It differs from many published campaign worlds in several ways. First, I endeavored to give it a "hook," if you will. I wanted my heroes to start in the worst and most shocking possible scenario: under the rule of evil. For this purpose I invented the Seven Lords of Sin, each one corresponding to one of the seven deadly sins.

This brings me to my next point: I strove to keep everything in the world original. I invented an entirely new pantheon, new kingdoms, new cultures, and a 21,600 year history detailing the events of the past.

world of farland

Viewers will undoubtedly notice a strong Tolkien flavor to my world, and this is intentional. Barring the fact that pretty much all fantasy owes an immense debt to Tolkien, I intended my world to be something of a tribute to the master himself. As such, my demi-human races are very Tolkien in flavor.

Third, the tone of my world was intended to be quite dark. This is a world that has lived under the yoke of tyranny for more than 350 years. Magic is scarce, inflation is high (at least in the occupied kingdoms), and things are grim; this is a far cry from the popular Roleplaying settings and worlds.

Farland continues to be a work in progress. It has changed much and undoubtedly will continue to change. But for now, I hope you enjoy my efforts and the efforts of my talented staff and contributors.

world of farland
world of farland