Vanilla Moon
by Marian Pekar

Did you know that ice cream comes from Space? It's strange but true and the best ice cream comes from a galaxy far, far away...


General Information

Developer - Marian Pekár

Publisher - Marian Pekár

Date Released - May 11, 2018

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actually it's not just a galaxy it's the famous Chocolate Galaxy where you can find the finest ice cream on Vanilla Moon that orbits around Caramel Planet.

vanilla moon
vanilla moon

Find as much ice cream as you can and don't forget to look around for some fuel or you'll be run out of it before you say gelato.

A 100 players have already played Vanilla Moon and I got a lot of positive and valuable feedback mostly via Twitter messages. Thank you!

In the next update, besides some minor tweaks and fixes, I plan to add a multiplayer, probably as a separate build.

It’s gonna take a while, but I’ll be posting into devlog, so stay tuned

vanilla moon
vanilla moon
vanilla moon
vanilla moon