Unmemory by Unmemory

Unmemory game

General Information

Developer - Unmemory

Publisher - Unmemory

Date Released - 2018

Website - www.unmemory.info

A mystery game you can read. A noir novel you can play.

"An innovative proposal of interactive fiction that immerses you in the story through a masterful mix of puzzle and reading" 

Iván Fernández Lobo, Founder & Managing Director at Gamelab

A new storytelling format

unmemory lives at the intersection of literature and game, blending narrative, interactive means and game mechanics to immerse yourself in a thriller story of memories and revenge.

The Killer Kittens are a band of sexy thieves. Many are after their valuable loot but there is only one person in the world who knows where it is hidden: you. Everything would be fine if it wasn’t for a small detail: you can't remember anything.

Use your logic, deduction and discovery skills to overcome challenging puzzles and move forward. Bring order to your memories to solve the mystery and discover a uncomfortable truth


unmemory doesn't fit in a category yet. It could be a text driven graphic adventure, a point'n'click game where text is the scenario or even an escape room you can play reading.

Along 8 separate chapters you will have to dig into "your" memories to solve the mistery of a murder. You will have to overcome challenging puzzles using logic, comprehension, deduction and discovery skills.

Unmemory game


  • unmemory is a new kind of storytelling
  • An interactive novel that mixes puzzle and narrative to immerse you in a thriller story
  • Careful design and playful interactions
  • 8 chapters, up to 5 hours of gameplay.
  • If you like films like Memento or Mulholland Drive. If you are fan of games like Monkey Island, Device 6 or Her Story. If you like books like The House of Leaves or Masquerade. Or if you are just a fan of escape games... there are big chances you will like unmemory. 
  • Available in iOS, Android and Steam
  • English and Spanish versions. 
  • Coming in late 2018 
Unmemory game
Unmemory game
Unmemory game
Unmemory game
Unmemory game
Unmemory game
Unmemory game
Unmemory game