Tower Princess
by AweKteaM

"Before you pass those doors, you shall hear the advice this old gnoblin has for you. This castle is magic, its halls are different for everyone who enters there.

Tower Princess by AweKteaM

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Developer - AweKteaM

Publisher - AweKteaM

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I've seen lots of knights with a wide variety of skills enter there before you, do not think you're special. But I can see you came looking for the same, to rescue one of the princesses imprisioned here.

Hear my warning, be gentle and attentive. That deadly dungeon shall be the scenario of the perfect date, before the Dragon wakes up. Because remember this, you may free the princess, but without her, you won't stand a chance against the Dragon.

You aren't the first suitor. Do your best, because your life depends on that date. "

Tower Princess

TowerPrincess is a 3D action-platformer that recovers the spirit of the classical adventure games, as Zelda, Crash Bandicoot, Ratchet & Clank or Mario, and merges it with roguelike mechanics! This means that the dungeon, the rewards, the challenges or even the character will be procedural, making every gameplay unique!

Tower Princess

The main objective in the game is to explore and complete every dungeon's area in one run, while you rescue a princess and date her, before the time runs out.

The knights in Tower Princess have different characteristics, such as different possible weapons and constitutions. These characteristics will define the gameplay, changing its combos and special abilities.

The three possible constitutions are the heavy, the sturdy, and the slim. This affects directly to the health and the movement speed of the character.

Tower Princess

On the other side, the three weapons available are the broadsword, the mace and shield, and the musket. The first one gives the character a more ofensive and agile gameplay, while the use of the mace is accompanied with a shield, that gives the character the possibility to block damage. Lastly the musket, as a ranged weapon, offers a completely diffferent combat style, rewarding the evasiveness and a more strategic gameplay

As you complete the game and achieve some feats, you'll be able to upgrade some stats of the next knights who enter the dungeon! This will help the knights to endure better the dangers of the dungeon, and to master their weapons to new levels!

Tower Princess

Not only the knights are procedural, the dungeon too! Once a character dies, its over for him, so a new one will have to face a completely new dungeon with new challenges and rewards!

Tower Princess

But not everything is combat. The knight will have to do his best to impress the princesses he rescues, managing a date and being attentive, while faces all the dangers of the dungeon, to finally battle the Evil Dragon! Each princess has its own personality and tastes, so the knight will have to know her well and act accordingly; lest he gives a dead rat to the Human Princess or gold coins to the Zombie Princess.

Tower Princess