The Ultimate Games Master

The complete Role Playing, Table Top and Larp companion app for Games Masters on all platforms

The Ultimate Games Master

General Information

Developer - Nonagon Three Limited

Publisher - Nonagon Three Limited

Release - Out Now

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The Ultimate Games Master UGM

Nonagon Three brings YOU

the dice rolling, monster slaying, treasure looting adventurers

UGM, a suite of easy to use, fully compatible, time saving, epic sounding experience enhancing tools in one CRITICAL hitting app!

The Ultimate Games Master

For Players

The player module is the portal to your characters and holds all the information for your journey to adventure. We keep all the fun of roleplay and dice rolling, but add full player immersion.

  • Offline Play;
  • Offline Play
  • Character Builder
  • Interactive Character Sheets
  • Compendium Viewer
  • Rules Reference Viewer
  • Link to GM’s Campaign Player
  • Dice Roller (if you have forgotten your dice)
  • Receive Messages from the GM
  • Receive Images, Maps & Handouts from the GM
  • Theme Management (Fantasy & Sci-Fi included)
  • Completely MOD’able
  • Backup
  • Comes with OGL based libraries (SRD5.1, SRD3.5 and PRD)
  • Demo Campaign included to showcase functionality
  • Device Sync (Sync all your devices)
  • Network Play or Standalone Play
  • GM Sync (Sync with your Games Master)
The Ultimate Games Master

For Games Master

Games Masters are in for a real treat when using The UGM. Not only do we include a full campaign designer and authoring system, but also give you the tools to use whatever rulesets you desire including total custom homebrew rule systems. Use UGM for Games Masters to create a more immersive experience for your players.

  • Everything in “For Players' Section
  • Fully Fledged Campaign Authoring System
  • Run Campaign Mode
  • Feature Rich Mood, Music & SFX Editor
  • Add your own Images, Maps & Handouts
  • Spectator Mode
  • Treasure Builder
  • Monster Builder
  • Encounter Builder
  • NPC Builder
  • Compendium Editor
  • Rules Reference Editor
  • Send Private Messages to your players.
  • Send maps and other interesting finds directly to your players sheets.
  • Access to The UGM Campaign Library
  • Device Sync (Sync all your devices)
  • Player Sync (Sync with your players)
The Ultimate Games Master

For Total Immersion

Want to spice things up even more or like to use miniatures then our full immersion subscription is for you. Play Moods, SFX and Music directly from your GM Campaign Runner, so as a GM you never have to leave the one application… ever!

  • Everything in "For Players" Section
  • Everything in "For Games Masters" Section
  • Access to the ever growing UGM Mood, SFX and Music library
  • Access to 3rd Party Music and Moods (Syrinscape, Spotify, etc)*
  • Access to the official UGM Interactive "Living Maps" Application
  • Access to the build your own Interactive "Living Maps" Tookit
  • *Note: For 3rd party integration with Syrinscape, Spotify, etc. Nonagon Three Ltd are not responsible for the 3rd party content or API player reliability.
The Ultimate Games Master

For those who want it all

As a part of the Total Immersion Subscription you will also have access to the UGM “Living Maps” application which is connected directly to your GM console. This gives you control of the map areas, the buildings, time of day and environmental weather on the map with the touch of a button from your campaign runner screen.

  • Use any UGM custom maps from our library
  • Use the free Unity Engine to create your own maps
  • Free Unity UGM “Living Maps” Toolkit
  • Add Time of Day (Day or Night)
  • Add Grid System for Miniature Play
  • Full GM Control from your Campaign Runner
  • Roam the Area/Land/Space Station/Dungeon
  • Open the roof and go inside buildings
  • Move from Grounds to 1st, 2nd, etc building levels
  • Add special effects triggered from the GM
  • Modes turn a thriving village into a burning wreck!
  • Sound Sync with the GM’s Campaign Runner
  • Use our 3D models or import your own
  • Share your Maps with the world (if you like)
  • If you can think of it, you can probably do it!
The Ultimate Games Master
The Ultimate Games Master