The Deadly Maze
is an Indie Horror Game by Horrorfied Gaming

"In order to push the boundaries of human knowledge. We MUST push the boundaries of the Human mind." – Dr. Jonathan Rightbeller Founder and CEO of The Holographic Institute

Tales of Vastor

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Developer - Horrorfied Gaming

Publisher - Horrorfied Gaming

Release - TBA

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It is a peaceful day in Northern California. Not much going on these days except the occasional earthquake. You are sitting on your front porch when the mailman arrives with a letter. The return address is for The Holographic Institute. A friend of yours mentioned they had some kind of experiment coming up to help with their research into the human mind. You, of course, know how much they pay those who help them. The letter is very clear. They want you to drive out to the country to meet with their Founder. You are actually excited about that since Dr. Rightbeller is one of the most well-known Scientists of this age. You decide that it is worth it and get into your car to head out to the Address provided…

The Deadly Maze

The scene is set. The fun is about to begin. Hi, my name is Patrick Getchell founder and Lead Developer for Horrorfied Gaming. The Deadly Maze is our first Indie Horror Game. We intend on starting off on the right foot. The Deadly Maze is set in 4 underground “Dungeons” if you will, where you the player must find a way to escape. Along the way, there will be puzzles (or as I like to call them critical thinking exercises), a few Jumpscares, and lots of creepy environments to keep you on the edge of your seat. I think you will enjoy it immensely. We are working right now to bring you a new demo to whet your appetite for the full game.

Features will Include

  • Easy FPS Movement with Animated Avatar
  • Eternal Run, Walk, Jump Support
  • Point & Click Interaction System
  • Headlamp with on/off switch
  • And Much More….
The Deadly Maze

A little History

We began Development of The Deadly Maze back in September. Our main focus has been on creating the best Indie Horror Game possible. In November we released our first Demo ( Which can still be Downloaded on GameJolt or Itch.IO Links for both are at the bottom of this page). After releasing the Demo we began to try to tweak the first 2 levels and bring in the final 2.

Well we hit a snafu when we tried (stupidly) to convert to the HD Render Pipeline. In the process, we lost the majority of our content. As Lead Developer, I decided the best thing to do was Prefab our base levels and reinsert and improve our assets. We began to re-develop the game in late November.

The Deadly Maze

The Silver Lining

Since we are basically starting over we are taking the opportunity to improve everything. We could have given up but that is not in our character. Instead we are pushing forward and going to make an even better product. I have also brought my Daughter Sarah in to help me decorated the levels.

She is Awesome with Level Design. To see some of the work she has done check out the video above. I know you will love what we are accomplishing together. Also at the end of that Video we show you the new Intro "Cut-Scene".

The Deadly Maze


Definitely, Follow our Social Media links. Make sure you stay tuned and stay connected. You don’t want to miss this train. So as promised below find the link to both Game Sites as well as my Social Media Icons. I will be adding updates across social media. Our main updates will be to youtube so head over and Subscribe and Hit the Bell so you can recieve a notification everytime we upload.

The Deadly Maze
The Deadly Maze
The Deadly Maze
The Deadly Maze
The Deadly Maze