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Tales of Vastor by Lukas Irzl

Tales of Vastor

General Information

Developer - Lukas Irzl

Publisher - Lukas Irzl

Release - TBA

Website -

Tales of Vastor is a hand-drawn 2D fantasy party-based RPG with challenging fights and a linear story line.

It all began, as you spent time with the princess on the hills. She worried about the prince's behavior lately and asked you to talk about it. All of the sudden, you heard a noise in the distance. Soon after, you grabbed your weapon, since it was your duty as her guard and took a look around. Not able to recognize anything you put down your weapon and turned towards the princess. The princesses fear was the only thing you saw before something hit your head and you fell unconscious.

Tales of Vastor


  • An unique storyline
  • 2D hand-drawn art
  • Party-based fights with a companion
  • Different, freely selectable companions
  • Random fights depending on the progress of the story and your level
  • Challenging boss fights
  • A world map to navigate through Ethen and explore the world
  • Custom music
Tales of Vastor
Tales of Vastor
Tales of Vastor
Tales of Vastor
Tales of Vastor
Tales of Vastor

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