Stickmanity by Bedroom Studios


General Information

Developer - Bedroom Studios

Publisher - Bedroom Studios

Release - TBA

Stickmanity is a 3rd Person action mystery game.

You play as a burned out Private Investigator who hasn't had a case in years, until one night everything changes for him. This isn't your average murder case or missing person, this is SOMETHING else.


Every case you find is designed for you to solve, that means YOU find the crime scene, YOU find the evidence, YOU connect the dots, YOU solve the cases anyway you want to. You can falsy accuse someone of a crime, providing you have evidence and see how that plays out throughout the entire game, of course their is consequences to it.


Only have 2 pieces of evidence? No problem, you can still accuse if you feel you have sufficient evidence, it may not work out the way you hope so be careful. Some cases can be straight forward, and others not so much. But everything is designed for you to piece together and figure out. That means, no hand holding, no waypoints and no outlines pointing you towards evidence.


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