Slavic Lands designed and developer by The Pack Game Studio

The Pack Game Studio is a newly form studio with the idea to bring to the world stories from our people.

Slavic Lands

General Information

Developer - The Pack Game Studio

Publisher - The Pack Game Studio

Release - 2019

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The idea behind the game is to find every fairy tale that my people have and make a story of a young warrior who is making his own destiny by rebuilding the world of his ancestors and make I new home for his people after it was destroyed by waging war with foreign tribes. But...

This time the foreign tribes won't be his enemies, maybe even a friend or allies they will become, but the really enemy this time will be far danger then any human, the really enemy will embrace the dark, stick to the shadow and wait,...because when the night falls he will reveal himself under the moonlight and then, well you will find soon enough.

If you read the story from above then you realise what we are making. The game is a 2D platform RPG with elements of city building and resource management. In the game you be able to hunt, mine, fight and lumbering, recruiting new villagers, fighting bandits and monsters and conquer new places to settle down your people. The goal of the game is to find the source of the dark power and cut it to the roots.

Slavic Lands
Slavic Lands
Slavic Lands