Seeds of Wars

What is seeds of wars Written by award-winning authors, this brand-new game will provide you with the following key elements:.

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  • A fantasy campaign setting describing the world of Ceres, its numerous kingdoms and their rulers.
  • Realm management rules explaining how to expand your realm, forge new alliances and manage mass army battles.
  • A web application that allows you to play online with players from all around the world and to keep track of all the actions and events of your campaign.

Realm Management

In Seeds of Wars, characters will spend most of their time ruling their Realm in a political and economical simulation game.

Each player will control one of the five different types of Realm:

  • Order - You are the ruler of a kingdom and you will try to expand your influence through diplomacy and war.
  • Faith - You are the spiritual leader of a widespread religion and you will try to spread the influence of your god through propaganda and proselytizing.
  • Trade - you are the owner of a successful trading network and you will try to increase your wealth through espionage and bargaining.
  • Magic - you have mastered the forces of Nature and you will try to use its energy to alter reality and cast spells affecting vast territories.
  • Culture – you are one of the great artists of your time and you will try to promote your Art and contribute to the cultural heritage of your contemporaries.
Seeds of Wars

How Does It Work

Unlike actions in traditional RPGs that take place over a number of turns and rounds (minutes or seconds), the actions in SOW spread over months and years.

Resources are also measured on a different scale. By collecting taxes and fees, Rulers will increase the wealth of their Realm. They will also earn influence based on their actions, their weight in the balance of the many Kingdoms of Ceres and the attitude of the people towards them. Every action undertaken by the ruler will cost wealth and/or influence.

Geographically, the world of Ceres is divided into Kingdoms and each Kingdom is divided into Counties. There are many actions to choose from. Some of them will only affect a county while others will affect an entire Kingdom.

Seeds of Wars

Independent form RPG Systems

When characters are not sitting on their throne, planning their next move on the diplomatic chessboard, they may join and go on adventure, just like in traditional RPG’s. When you switch to the Adventure mode, you can just use the rules system of your favourite RPG... and hope your Realm will still be yours when you come home!

The Realm management rules are independent from all RPG systems. This means you can create your character with any rules system you like.

Seeds of Wars

A Web Application to the rescue

Characters may choose to manage their Realm or go on an adventure, but their neighbours will not sit idly by. Keeping track of all the events and actions of both the playing characters and the non-playing characters can be a challenge for the Game Master.

SOW: Seeds of Wars will offer a web application that will not just act as a bookkeeper for the GM but will also offer a lot of tools to help him and the players follow and update the campaign.

The application features:

  • A history of all rulers’ actions.
  • A history of the important campaign events.
  • Tracking relations between the characters and their neighbours.
  • An interactive map of the campaign world.
  • A strategic interface for full scale battles.
  • The possibility to create and join campaigns online.
  • Lots of automation (calculation of difficulty checks, resource costs…)

The campaigns will be hosted on our servers, thus guaranteeing that they will be available everywhere, all time. We foresee lots of stretch goals to bring new functionalities to the web application, such as communication channels, mobile version and even user-defined campaign settings! We strongly believe this is the way forward for RPG’s in the future.

Seeds of Wars
Seeds of Wars
Seeds of Wars
Seeds of Wars
Seeds of Wars