RotoHive is the world's first global fantasy sports hive mind by RotoHive team

Over 50 million people play fantasy sports every year. Yet there is no collaboration among fans of this multi-billion dollar industry.

General Information

Developer - RotoHive team

Publisher - RotoHive team

Date Released - Out Now

RotoHive wants to change this. By harnessing the collective wisdom of the crowd on the internet, we believe we can create the world's best fantasy sports predictions. RotoHive is built on the Ethereum blockchain and utilizes our native ERC-20 cryptographic token - Roto - to incentivize the creation of our hive mind and get people working together. RotoHive is the first example of a collaborative fantasy sports platform.

How It Works

RotoHive is currently running weekly tournaments for the 2018 NFL season. RotoHive users are asked to rank professional football players based on projected performance for the week. User predictions are then compared against live game data and top RotoHive users are paid in cryptocurrency for the accuracy of their predictions. RotoHive is free to play for all sports fans and we plan to introduce new sports (basketball, MMA, golf, Rugby, etc.) over time.


RotoHive pays top performing users in two cryptocurrencies: Ethereum (ETH) and Roto (ROTO). Every RotoHive tournament has an Ethereum prize pool. The only way to win a share of this Ethereum prize pool is to stake/ante our Roto token to your predictions. The Roto token acts as a staking mechanism that allows our users to show confidence in their models. We plan to increase the size of our Ethereum prize pools over time as our site grows in size and value.


We believe that the collective knowledge of RotoHive users will out-perform any single fantasy sports guru or resource on the internet in the long-term. RotoHive is a unique, user-driven platform that is just getting started.

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