Just Beat Em Up : World of Fury by Zudenan Digital

Just Beat Em Up : World of Fury © is a "2d side-scrolling beat'em up" that brings you back to the golden age of arcade games. A brand new game from Zudenan Digital that feels like a 16-bit game.

Jumbler by Bandit Interactive

General Information

Developer - Zudenan Digital

Publisher - Zudenan Digital

Release - 2018

Website - www.justbeatemup.com

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Will you survive?

In Just Beat Em Up : World of Fury ©, you play as one of the three convicts from the prison of Madland. The story begins as you are suffering an inequitable treatment and you are overwhelmed by the urge to end it. The mysterious power of Fury will give you the strength to break your chains and make your way out of the prison. You are determined to do anything to stop General Bombix, leader of Iron Muscle Corp.

Just Beat em Up

A challenging game...

If the first levels are relatively easy to deal with, the difficulty increases rapidly to the point of becoming a real challenge to the uninitiated. Foes become faster, stronger, more diversified and environmental events, like sandstorms or rock falls, will make it harder again. And if it is not enough for you, the champion mode will allow you to replay the chapters with the hard, extreme and champion difficulties

Just Beat em Up

....but a game for all

For those who just want to have fun with an easy-going game, don't worry : the relax mode is made for you. This mode is more permissive so feel free to discover the different chapters with it before trying the hardest paths.

Just Beat em Up

A solid amout of game time

With its 9 chapters and more than 30 levels, 3 game modes, 3 playable characters with different endings, Just Beat Em Up : World of Fury features a solid amount of game time. Furthermore, for achievement hunters, it won't be that easy to complete the whole game.

Just Beat em Up

Play with your friend, beat the hight-scores

To fully take advantage of the game, you will probably want to play with a friend in local co-op. You can play the whole game in co-op. At the end of every chapter you can see who has the best score and if you did well, you may also reach Hi-Scores.

Just Beat em Up


  • 3 playable characters / 3 different playstyles
  • 3 play mods from relaxed to champion mod
  • 9 chapters and more than 30 stages
  • 8 unique bosses
  • Play with you friend in a Co-Op campaign
  • Try to beat the best hi-scores
  • All arcade feelings
Just Beat em Up
Just Beat em Up
Just Beat em Up
Just Beat em Up
Just Beat em Up