Jumbler by Bandit Interactive


General Information

Developer - Bandit Interactive

Publisher - Bandit Interactive

Release - Late 2018

Website - www.banditinteractive.com/

Jumbler, a seek and discover word puzzle game allowing players to play in English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian.

Designed for Windows, Mac OSX, and Mobile platforms, Jumbler challenges players both on their multi-lingual vocabulary and their problem solving skills all while maintaining a fast and fun atmosphere.


The game is scheduled to be delivered by the end of 2018, but players can support the project on Kickstarter starting September 1st. Players that support the project will receive various awards including special thanks accolades, digital content, and even personalized promotional wallpapers with their photo included. Jumbler is the brainchild of Dallas developer David Pardini.


"I really wanted to create a game that was strategic, challenging, fun, and educational. Jumbler delivers a unique experience to its players, allowing them to play 5 different languages seamlessly. The game not only embodies the best aspects of the puzzle game genre, but also the strategy game genre as well. Players can find matches based on colors, shapes, and words. The challenge escalates giving players the ability to mix and match for higher scores. The ability to save and store any game piece to use at any time adds a unique dimension to the game that will result in different styles of play for multiple players."


"The best part is the game keeps everything you do. See every word you discovered. See what color piece you tend to favor, or what shape. See how differently you play when the languages change. It is a great playing experience for young and old alike."

Casual gamers will love the play and go feel. More seasoned players can compete to see who has found the most words in any given language. Strategy will be the key to finding the most difficult words. With over 800,000 words in total in 5 different languages, the challenge will keep players coming back for more!

For more information and to stay up to date on the latest news, visit www.BanditInteractive.com. Alternatively, you can follow BanditInteractiveInc on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. To support the project directly, visit the Jumbler Kickstarter page.


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