Jaws of hell by William McCain

A Retro style shooter comes to life with gorgeous visuals.

Jaws of hell by William McCain

General Information

Developer - William McCain

Publisher - William McCain

Release - Late 2018

Website - www.indiegogo.com

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It was already 96 by the time I got my hands on Doom and my dad was not too happy his nine year old was playing his Doom game but I was hooked. I played Doom, Quake and even went back to 92 to play Wolfenstein 3D. Now I have the tools and the know how to make my very own classic style shooter with all of the modern beauty that the Unreal Engine offers. Jaws of Hell is built like a gauntlet where you need your wits to survive.

Jaws of hell

Short Summary

This projected started out of love for the games I played growing up.

  • I started software development professionally building controls software for PLC and DCS systems while working for SIS Automation. Now I try to be a full time game developer that primarily works on the indie title Kitten Epic set to release early next year. The problem, however, is I also have to pick up freelance work to keep the lights on. Jaws of Hell is my solo, hobby project.
  • Jaws of Hell is fun! That's why i made it, because I miss challenging, fun, all-action shooters. Its the end times and only you can stop fire demons, zombie vampires and giant horned beast. Do you have what it takes to survive the Jaws of Hell...
  • If we can get people excited about Jaws of Hell and get this funded I can devote my freelance hours to Jaws of Hell and we can get a full release finished faster!
Jaws of hell

What We Need & What You Get

  • Funding will either go to my man hours building and adding to the game which allows me to pull time away from freelance work. We could also get a character artist to get some more enemies. I already have more than enough enemies and weapons to fill out my projected levels but new enemies and weapons are always fun.
  • The game is already being set up on Steam and is complete if 2-4 hrs was enough but its not for me. That is why we are going early access with this one and why I am here! I really want to build a community interested in the growth of this game.
  • If we do not reach our goal, well the game is already built so we take what we get and keep building until we have a good number of levels, something like six more levels, and then Jaws of Hell is ready for full access on Steam and you guys have been helping and playing the entire time.
  • Join the Crew and start putting your input in today! I want you guys to help shape this game. I need weekly feedback from players like yourself.
Jaws of hell

The Impact

  • We can bring quality retro FPS gaming to the modern PC
  • A true challenge awaits for FPS fans.

Risks & Challenges

  • This is game development so there could be delays but the game is ready to play.
  • Updates will be slow if no one funds the game or joins the Patreon but they will still come and the game will be finished in around 6-8 months even with no backing.
Jaws of hell

Other Ways You Can Help

If you cant contribute but would like to get involved:

Get the word out and make some noise about the Jaws of Hell campaign.

Jaws of hell