Flippin Kaktus BG AD

Flippin Kaktus action-packed adventure by My Bunny Games


General Information

Developer - Mr Bunny Games

Publisher - none at the moment

Date Released - 2019

Website - https://www.flippinkaktus.com/

From no-hero to self destruction army

Flippin Kaktus is the action-packed adventure with platformer elements, infused with 80s atmosphere - rockin soundtrack, engaging comics and a tad of goofy jingoism.

Unveil a shady story of cactus protagonist, who is forced to fight drug cartel to avenge the loss of his foster family in 1984. The character is weak and discreet... But tragic circumstances make him exploit dark powers of dangerous stimulators. Those will destroy his nature but give temporary strength for combat. Flippin Kaktus constantly defies your reflexes and moral fiber.

Our players say:

"Not gonna lie, this game is dope. Ya got a beautiful art style along with the addicting gameplay. Really excited to see when this game will get a full release"

Flippin Kaktus game

Action-packed adventure with platformer elements

Flippin Kaktus game

Solo play for punky no-hero cactus protagonist

Flippin Kaktus game

He drinks tequila and misbehaves

Flippin Kaktus game

Authentic setting in Mexico of 1984

Flippin Kaktus game

Hand crafted pixel art and 80s styled comics

Flippin Kaktus game

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