Dodge It:
The Nearly Impossible Platformer

Dodge It: The Nearly Impossible Platformer by Ricardo Cantu. The goal is simple, in each room navigate through the hazards and try to reach the next.

Dodge It

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Developer - Ricardo Cantu

Publisher - Ricardo Cantu

Release - Out Now

website - google play

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There are 25 different rooms, each with numerous hazards that you will have to navigate. The traps will test your memory, platforming skills and most of all, your patience. Your only saving grace are save-points located in each room, that is if you can even reach them.

While at times it might not feel like it, every room is 100% beatable (it is only NEARLY impossible, after all). Can you beat all 25 rooms? Can you even beat the first? Will you succeed or quit in rage?

Dodge It
Dodge It