DB Hounds
by Masked hero Studio

DB Hounds is a 2D coop-oriented action game where you and up to 3 friends fight waves after waves of enemies and destroy huge bosses

DB Hounds

General Information

Developer - Masked hero Studio

Publisher - Masked hero Studio

Release - 2019

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Unlocking new and interesting characters along the way. With 30 stages, each one with a challenge, and over a dozen of characters to unlock, the game is jam-packed with content to enjoy.

DB Hounds


Hordes of strange and powerful monsters started invading Earth! But it turns out that Earth wasn’t their only target. The “Dimension Busters”, huge beings that command an army of bizarre creatures, were invading not only Earth, but a lot of different Worlds in different Dimensions too.

An Inter-Dimensional organization to hunt down and dispose of these beings, the DB Hounds, was formed with select warriors from each Dimension, with their base on Planet Earth. Their job is clear: to go to any World that might be being invaded by the Dimension Busters, get rid of them, and recruit any warrior that might be willing to join the fight.

After destroying a Dimension Buster, we can use the remains to extract data about their Prime Dimension, after enough data has been collected we can transport to their own dimension and end this war once and for all!

DB Hounds



On every stage, there are many waves of incoming enemies to defeat, using the unique qualities of your character and cooperating with the other players, while evading any hazard that might be in place.

There are power ups and items that will help on surviving the waves, either dropped by the defeated enemies or provided by vending machines.

In the final wave there will be a boss to conquer, much powerful that the other enemies, once it is destroyed the stage will be completed. Clearing a stage will unlock new ones to try and might unlock new playable characters.

The player has a certain level of control about what stage to play next, so the game doesn’t need to be linear. There are 6 dimensions with 5 stages each, on every final stage of every dimension there will be a Dimension Buster. After defeating all 6, the final boss, , the biggest challenge in the game, will be accessible.

DB Hounds


After any stage is defeated, a “challenge mode” for that certain stage becomes available. The challenges vary wildly from stage to stage, some can be:

  • Completing a stage under a certain time
  • Achieving a certain score
  • No items
  • Can't lose a life
  • Can't kill a certain enemy
  • Every enemy replaced
  • Berserk mode boss

Among others. These present a new world of challenge for those daring and skilled players that want a harder experience and some characters can only be unlocked by clearing certain challenges.

DB Hounds


A special survival mode will be available for certain stages; here the players will face unending waves of monsters and bosses, trying to set a new record. This is the ultimate challenge of the game, as the waves will become progressively harder and eventually much harder than the normal game.

DB Hounds
DB Hounds
DB Hounds
DB Hounds
DB Hounds