Centifeed by Ghost Lord Games

Centifeed game

General Information

Developer - Ghost Lord Games

Publisher - Ghost Lord Games

Release - 2018

website - Demo game here

Centifeed is an indie-action game in-development for an initial release on PC/Steam, with follow-up releases on Android & iOS mobile devices.

In Centifeed, you will take on the role of the last Centifeeder, a lean, mean, 100-legged fighting machine, crushing wave after wave of bug hordes across 6 differently themed stages. In each stage you will collect orbs, the games currency, and Centifeeder parts. The title has an anticipated release date on November 6, 2018.

Centifeed game

Collect all parts in a set and a new component is unlocked! The upgradeable parts are: the head, body, legs, and tail. Each with attributes in health, armor, damage, speed, and even abilities

centifeed game

Key Features:

  • Conquer the bug realms as an upgradeable Centifeeder, with varying stats like damage, resistance, speed, and more
  • Collect orbs and components from defeated enemies and purchase new body parts
  • Swap head, body, legs, and tail for total mixed and match gameplay
  • Travel to 6 differently themed stages with varied challenges and bosses, ranging from the canopies of the rain-forest to the dunes of the great desert
  • Enemy bugs have special attacks and can become zombies, presenting new challenges in later stages
  • Full controller support
  • 4k, widescreen, and fullscreen resolution support
  • Mod / texture pack friendly
centifeed game

Title Information:

Target age-group: 10-18

Target price: Steam - $5.99 … Mobile - $2.99 / Free (AdMob support)

Target release: 6 November 2018

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