Apprentice Arriving: Become a true master – by Jewel Seeker Entertainment

Dive into the role of a sorcerer's disciple with enormous powers. Fight fierceful enemies that make the ground shake by their sheer presence, and encounter obstacles that challenge your physical and mental abilities. Learn to use powerful magic and techs to defeat your enemies in action packed, dynamic combat. Combine your skills and learn to use them effectively in your own style until you become a true master of its kind.

General Information

Developer - Jewel Seeker Entertainment

Publisher - Jewel Seeker Entertainment

Genre - Early Access, Action, Action RPG, RPG, Adventure, JRPG, Fantasy

Platform(s) - Steam (PC)

Date Released - 7 Jul, 2020

Apprentice Arriving is a 3D-Fantasy RPG where you dive into the role of a sorcerer's disciple, blessed with incredible powers. You are the next Apprentice. Set off on a new adventure with enormous proportions!

In a land ravaged by wars between mankind and the forces of evil

A placid kingdom was born by the hand of Queen Licy and her benevolent husband. Founded as a safe haven against the voracious darkness in the world, the Kingdom of Aclendi prospered for years under the guidance of her two sovereigns, who gave birth to a son and spent most of their years together in peace. Until the day the good king died, under mysterious circumstances

Prince Landon attended the funeral, only to see his mother magically disappear before his very eyes. Rushing to his mother’s room, Landon found but a letter of hers as his call to adventure. The letter invited Landon to an unknown place called "Dormum".

Landon’s yearning for adventure needed no more; the Prince, who had never left the kingdom in his lifetime, resolved to depart for Dormum. On his journey he will face unexpected challenges and needs to discover his hidden potential. The only question remaining is, will it be enough to overcome the mighty demons and evil entities on his way? That is up to you to find out!


Dive into a world full of magic. Breathtaking environments are awaiting you.

Blissful lands as well as the darkest abysses that would frighten even the bravest.

Equip your avatar with beautiful medieval garments and fancy armors as well as masterfully forged weapons.

Enjoy impressive fantasy 3D graphics with high attention to detail.

Prove yourself in heated battles with combos and skillful moves.

Find secret areas and treasures all over the world.

Learn to perfectionate powerful magic and impressive techs.

Unleash your true power. Unseal a uniquely designed Head Up Display that over the course of the story will grow with you.

Talk to people, make the world a better place by completing missions and to receive great rewards.

apprentice-arriving apprentice-arriving apprentice-arriving

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