Apprentice Arriving
by Jewel Seeker Entertainment. A Fantasy RPG

Apprentice Arriving is a narrative-driven 3D-Fantasy RPG played in 3rd-Person that combines Retro elements with modern gameplay.


General Information

Developer - Jewel Seeker Entertainment

Publisher - Jewel Seeker Entertainment

Release - TBA

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Guide Prince Landon’s way as he fights Maira’s mystical creatures to become a true and worthy Paladin. But as your slumbering powers grow, so do the dark forces tracking your every step.

Your time has come. As the "Apprentice" you dive into the role of a sorcerers disciple, granted with incredible strength. You are the son of the beautiful Queen of Aclendi, whose ancestry is indistinct. She sends you out to „Dormum“ the home of the wizards. There you will be subjected to trials which will awake your slumbering powers. With your new abilities you will be able to oppose the evil forces. But be warned, this is not the end of your journey.

A long adventure awaits you with a mysterious and profound story where many things are not as they seem to be. Collect the memories of another along the way to uncover the purpose of your journey. Learn from the past as you play in the present. Continue pushing forward and your path will become clear. Are you ready for a journey beyond your imagination? Then be the next Apprentice!,/p>

Whats Included In the current version?

  • element Magic Skills
  • several sword types
  • weapon enchantments
  • Equipments & Items like rings and herbs to buff your character
  • a few attack moves and combos
  • Physical Techniques
  • level up system up to lvl 10
  • small level available for exploration
  • some enemy types and a boss fight
  • some hidden quests

The world of Maira is filled with a massive amount of various mystical creatures! They all behave differently. It‘s on you to find their weaknesses. Only the brave and unrelenting will prevail. Those who deny to learn to grow, those will be lost in this world forever.

Apprentice Arriving

You are looking for answers and you know you can only find them if you keep moving on, even if that means that you have to venture through the most dangerous lands. You will see beauteous environments, different cultures and people living in harmony but you will also see desctruction and despair along your way. You don‘t know who you will meet, and what you will see on this journey of unforgettable moments.

Apprentice Arriving

You are the next Apprentice, granted with incredible strength! But even your enigmatic powers wont be enough. Courage, smartness as well as intuition is demanded in order to be glorious in battle.

This is the ultimate challenge!

Apprentice Arriving
Apprentice Arriving
Apprentice Arriving
Apprentice Arriving
Apprentice Arriving
Apprentice Arriving
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