Build, Conquer, and Reign: Dive into United Penguin Kingdom - A Penguin City Builder Game!

Embark on a chilly adventure with United Penguin Kingdom, a city-building game by Turquoise Revival Games, GrabTheGames, and UpgradePoint. Shape a thriving penguin settlement, tackle killer whales and crafty seals, ensure happiness and education, and ascend to become the ultimate Penguin King!

General Information

Developer - Turquoise Revival Games

Publisher - GrabTheGames, UpgradePoint

Genre - Strategy, City Builder, Survival, Management, Resource Management, Economy, Relaxing

Platform(s) - Steam (PC)

Date Released - 9 Mar, 2024

A city-building game where you build a penguin settlement and satisfy the various needs of your penguins while dealing with seals and killer whales. Enjoy the growth of your settlement, become the king, and lead the United Penguin Kingdom.

Welcome to United Penguin Kingdom

A groundbreaking city-building game that invites you to shape the destiny of your penguin settlement! In this icy realm, you'll navigate the challenges of killer whales and thieving seals while catering to the diverse needs of your adorable inhabitants.

Build, Customize, and Expand:

Design a penguin settlement that reflects your vision. Set up energy generators, workplaces, and coolers to meet the growing demands of your penguins. Enhance their lives with better food, elegant decorations, entertainment venues, high-tech coolers, and luxury houses.

Defend Against Arctic Threats:

Protect your settlement from the dangers lurking beneath the icy waters. Construct defense towers to thwart killer whale attacks and prevent food theft by cunning seals. Your strategic decisions will determine the survival of your penguin community.

Happy and Educated Penguins:

Ensure the well-being of your penguins by providing entertainment venues, such as ice rinks, cinemas, game centers, karting tracks, gyms, fight clubs, museums, yoga studios, and more. Boost their happiness with shrines and wishing wells, and focus on education by establishing schools, high schools, and libraries.

Economic Management:

Navigate the delicate balance of economy in United Penguin Kingdom. Be prudent with your gold, explore trade opportunities for rare resources, and boost your settlement's wealth through product sales. As the ruler, engage in continuous trades using your bazaars for prosperity.

Ascend to Kingship:

Strive for the ultimate goal – becoming the Penguin King! Improve your settlement's reputation by meeting requirements and ensuring the happiness of your penguins. Level up from a village to a king, explore new lands, discover settlements, and decide their fate in the growing United Penguin Kingdom.

Are you ready to lead your penguins to greatness and build an empire fit for a king in this thrilling arctic adventure? Dive into United Penguin Kingdom now!

united-penguin-kingdom united-penguin-kingdom united-penguin-kingdom

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