Home video game console the Unisonic Tournament 2501

General Information

Developer - Unisonic Products Corporation

Publisher - Unisonic Products Corporation

Release - 1977

Platform - Tournament 2501

Number of players - 1P / 2P

Tournament 2000
Tournament 2000

Home video game console the Unisonic Tournament 2501 was released in 1977.

It included the light gun and had six games, these were Practice, Squash, Hockey, most of the consoles with the light gun introduced two additional games: Skeet and Target.

Unisonic outsourced its manufacturing operations to various facilities in East Asia (especially in Hong Kong, South Korea, and Japan). Unisonic developed a variety of electronics, including calculators, CRT television sets, video game consoles, digital watches, telephones, answering machines, and digital alarm clocks.

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