Unisonic Sportsman T101 game console by Unisonic Products Corporation

General Information

Developer - Unisonic Products Corporation

Publisher - Unisonic Products Corporation

Release - 1976

Platform - Unisonic Tournament 100

Number of players - 1P / 2P

Unisonic Sportsman T101
Unisonic Sportsman T101

Like dozens of other manufacturers of consumer electronics, Unisonic released a series of dedicated consoles in the late 1970s. The Sportsman T101 was one of these console consoles.

The Consoles were generally patterned on Home Pong, a game console released by Atari, Inc. The Unisonic Sportsman T101, featured four selectable games, two linear paddle controllers, and a light gun. Unisonic followed the Sportsman with a series of variations through 1976 and 1977, all for the US market.

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