Unisonic Champion 2711 released by Unisonic Products Corporation

General Information

Developer - Unisonic Products Corporation

Publisher - Unisonic Products Corporation

Release - 1978

Platform - Champion 2711

Number of players - 1P / 2P

Champion 2711
Champion 2711

The video game console came with with 8 built-in games and cartridges available.

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In the beginning of 1977, General Instrument designed a system called the "Gimini Mid-Range 8950 Programmable Game Set" and is also known as the "Gimini Challenger 8950 Programmable Game System".

Among this system, they also conceived the "Gimini Economy 8600 Programmable Game Set" and the "Gimini Full-Range (or Deluxe) 8900 Programmable Game Set", which is another story.

Unisonic Products Corporation (1115 Broadway, New York, NY 10010) learned about this designed game system and developed/ manufactured this console in their Japan facilities. Later in the same year, Unisonic unveiled their plans about the "Unisonic Tournament 2711" (with 8 built-in games and cartridges availability) which was to be showed at the CES and passing out brochures of their "Unisonic Tournament 2711".

In the Popular Mechanics magazine (Dec. 1977) article by Dave Sagarin, the specification of the Tournament 2711 listed are: $150 price, comes with 4 built in games, $20 cartridge price and 4 cartridges available.

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