TV scoreboard published by radio shack and by Tandy in 1976

General Information

Developer - Tandy

Publisher - Radio Shack

Release - 1976

Platform - TV Scoreboard

Number of players - 1P / 2P

TV Scoreboard
TV Scoreboard

The TV Scoreboard is a Pong-like game console manufactured from 1976 through the early '80s and made by Tandy.

Distribution was handled exclusively by Radio Shack. The machines were constructed in Hong Kong. The TV Scoreboard consisted of a left and right player, with dials or paddles on the hand held piece, and had multiple Pong era games. A variant also included a revolver-type light gun, which was used for a clay pigeon shooting game. Using additional cosmetic attachments to the light gun, the user could change its appearance to be that of a rifle. The games included but were not restricted to tennis, squash, hockey and practice. Games and game modes, including difficulty settings and serving settings, could be adjusted with switches. It ran on either an AC adapter, or (6) 1.5v AA battery.

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