TV Jack Bandai Super Vision 8000 Japanese home gaming console

General Information

Developer - Bandai

Publisher - Bandai

Release - 1979

Platform - Super Vision 8000

Number of players - 1P / 2P

Super Vision 8000
Super Vision 8000

The final evolution of the TV Jack series came about in 1979 with the release of TV Jack 8000.

After releasing TV JACK Supervision 8000 , Bandai stopped its own development of video games for a long time and switches to import and sale of US- made gaming machines such as In Television , Arcadia , Light Speed ​​Ships . This is because the management side decided that "it is not necessary to dare to stick to our own development, because development time of about 3 years in the television class and investment of 300 to 500 million yen is necessary"

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This version was named Super Vision 8000 or Bandai TV Jack Micro Computer System. This release not only marked the series first programmable cartridge capable console (actually the first Japan programmable cartridge based-systems), but also marked Bandai's attempt to also delve into the computer markets. It was developed with the help of Logic Systems International

The Super Vision 8000 was an impressive console for its time. It was driven by an 8-bit NEC D780C (Z80 clone) processor capable of max 3.58 MHz speed. The console chassis contained a housing for the controllers and had a small divot at the bottom for possible keyboard support.

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