The TV Jack 5000 the first cassette based video game console by Bandai

General Information

Developer - Bandai

Publisher - Bandai

Release - 1978

Platform - TV Jack 5000

Number of players - 1P / 2P

TV Jack 5000
TV Jack 5000

It was release 1978 and It is a product of the GIMNI system, developed by General Instruments , There were a number of games that could be played on the system .

The main body has an initial type and a late model the colors of the system also changed over time. The color of the main body was brown, and the eject button for cassette unlocking is attached to body of the system.

The color of the main body of the latter model is blue, and the eject button is omitted. Also, the types of attached game cassettes are different.

The games on the system were,( its very hard to find any information on the games seperately however this is what we know)

Game cassette

No.1: Ball game (attached to early and late models)

No.2: Road race (attached to initial model)

No.3: Stunt cycle

No. 4: Block 10 (attached to late model)

In addition to this there were also

AY-3-8605-1 (submarine war game)

AY-3-8607-1 (shooting game)

AY-3-8700-1 (tank war game).

If anyone has any more information then let us know and we will add it here Contact Us from the contact page and we can add it. In particular information about the games

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