Tour de France 2021 by Cyanide Studio and Nacon

The video game of the third most followed sporting competition in the world is back! Faithfully recreating the 21 official stages and Monuments cycling races,

General Information

Developer - Cyanide Studio

Publisher - Nacon

Release - 3 Jun, 2021

Platform(s) - PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S

Number of Players - Multiplayer

Genre - Simulation, Sports, Strategy, Cycling, Bikes, Realistic, Third Person

Tour de France 2021 thrusts players straight into the thick of the peloton as a rider in one of the top Tour de France teams.
Adapt your strategy to meet your objectives: join the early breakaway to win the green jersey, excel in the mountain stages by becoming the best climber, or save your energy for the final sprint on the last day to take the iconic yellow jersey.
Multiple improvements and new features have been added to Tour de France 2021, including:

The official route of the Tour de France 2021
A redesign of My Tour mode, with more customisation options and 89 stages available
A new recovery mechanic for added realism
More realistic peloton behaviour
Equipment from a wide range of official brands

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