Torn Away Game: Embark on an Emotional World War II Journey with Asya

Dive into 'Torn Away,' an interactive adventure game by perelesoq and OverGamez. Follow Asya, a 10-year-old girl torn from her home during World War II. Navigate classic adventure game levels, experience touching mini-games, and face challenges with platformer stealth mechanics. Immerse yourself in first-person cinematic levels and help Asya reunite with her family. Explore the forgotten theme of 'Ostarbeiters' and discover a visually stunning world with a soundtrack inspired by Miyazaki's films. Will you keep hope alive and return to your homeland? Find out in this emotionally gripping gaming experience.

General Information

Developer - perelesoq

Publisher - perelesoq, Hawthorn Games

Genre - Story Rich, Atmospheric, Female Protagonist, Adventure, World War II, War, Cartoony

Platform(s) - Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5 – now, Steam, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

Date Released - 31 Jan, 2024

Torn Away is an award winning interactive story with a unique blend of adventure games, side-scrollers, and cinematic first-person levels. Help little Asya find her way home in the middle of war.

Torn Away is more than just a game

It's a heart-wrenching journey through the eyes of Asya, a 10-year-old girl torn away from her home during the chaos of World War II. This interactive story combines classic adventure game elements, side-scrolling challenges, and cinematic first-person levels to immerse players in a unique and emotionally charged experience.

As players guide Asya through Germany and Poland to reunite with her family, they'll encounter touching mini-games that provide a glimpse into the harsh realities of war. The platformer aspect introduces stealth mechanics, requiring players to navigate through challenging weather conditions and avoid detection by soldiers.

The first-person cinematic levels put players directly into Asya's shoes, allowing them to face the dangers and obstacles she encounters on her journey. The game's features include a touching story inspired by the diaries of Soviet children during wartime, shedding light on the forgotten fate of 'Ostarbeiters' forcibly deported to Nazi labor camps.

Visually, 'Torn Away' is a masterpiece, with 3D levels stylized as 2D art and a visual language that blends elements of socialist realism with modern French animation. The original soundtrack, drawing inspiration from the music of Hayao Miyazaki's movies, French New Wave cinema, and experimental electronic music, adds a layer of emotional depth to the gaming experience.

Explore the untold stories of wartime struggles, feel the impact of every decision, and discover the brighter days that await in the future. 'Torn Away' is not just a game; it's a powerful narrative that challenges players to keep hope alive and navigate the complexities of humanity in the face of adversity.

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