Tinkertown a Sandbox Roleplaying Game by Headup out now on steam

A New World to Explore - Craft, Build and Survive Together! Gather your friends and come to Tinkertown - A refreshing new Multiplayer Sandbox Experience! Explore magical places filled with loot, danger, and creativity.

General Information

Developer - Headup

Publisher - Headup

Genre -Adventure, RPG, Indie, Pixel Graphics, Multiplayer, Survival, Crafting

Platform(s) - PC, Steam

Date Released - 3 Dec, 2020

Website - www.headupgames.com

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Come to Tinkertown - A refreshing new Multiplayer Sandbox Experience! Grab your shovel, pickaxe, and sword and enter the realms of Tinkertown. A magical place awaits, filled with loot, danger, and creativity. Build your own village - from small shacks to impressive castles and townships.

A New World to Explore! Gather resources as you explore this procedurally generated world either by yourself or with friends! Need some extra challenge? While the surface world is mostly peaceful, only the most courageous explorers will enter the sinister dungeons scattered around the world and defeat the horrors that live within. Epic loot awaits those who dare to face the underworld.


Explore beautiful landscapes such as mystical forests, great deserts, freezing tundra, and more to come

Craft new equipment and become a rogue, a warrior, or wizard - or create a new loadout and invent your own play-style

Descent into combat driven dungeons and battle large underworld bosses.

Build your own habitat - by yourself, or online with up to three friends

Gather resources and discover new things to build

tinkertown tinkertown

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