Thyria: Step Into Dreams - Dark Fantasy Turn-Based RPG by Twokats and GrabTheGames

Explore the nightmarish realms in Thyria: Step Into Dreams, the compelling turn-based RPG by Twokats and GrabTheGames. Summon and train Guardians, navigate through procedurally generated isometric landscapes, and face demonic nightmares. Master time management, customize spells, and merge Soul Jewels to unlock new Guardians. Dive into a world of strategic combat and relentless ambition in this captivating dark fantasy adventure!

General Information

Developer - Twokats

Publisher - GrabTheGames

Genre - Turn-Based Strategy, Strategy RPG, Dungeon Crawler, Exploration, Tactical RPG, RPG, Turn-Based Tactics

Platform(s) - PC (Steam)

Date Released - 7 Oct, 2023

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Thyria: Step Into Dreams offers the beginnings of the turn-based RPG Thyria story. Summon and train a team of Guardians to face a dungeon crawler inspired by dark fantasy: isometric 2D exploration, time management mechanics and turn-based combats!


A Dreamlike Adventure Awaits

In Thyria: Step Into Dreams, immerse yourself in a gripping turn-based RPG adventure set in the eerie depths of dark fantasy. Your journey begins as Thyria, a determined heroine, explores the minds of cursed villagers through vivid dreams. Summon and train a team of diverse Guardians to accompany her, each possessing unique traits and skills crucial for survival.

Explore Procedurally Generated Nightmares:

Embark on a mesmerizing exploration across procedurally generated 2D isometric maps. Encounter diverse landscapes, from hidden treasures to treacherous battles. Navigate Thyria strategically, managing day/night cycles, visibility, and the behavior of nightmarish creatures. Uncover secrets, engage in exchanges, and face living nightmares, where every decision impacts your fate.

Master Time Management and Turn-Based Combat:

Thyria: Step Into Dreams challenges you to balance time, resources, and individual strengths while facing demons within dreams. Deploy your Guardians wisely, understanding their strengths and weaknesses, and devise intricate strategies to defeat formidable monsters. Success hinges on your ability to manage time effectively, optimizing your Guardian's abilities against nightmarish adversaries.

Forge Your Guardians with Soul Jewels:

Delve into the art of merging Soul Jewels, unlocking new Guardians for your team. Each Guardian possesses a distinct trait and specific skill, providing a plethora of strategic possibilities. Customize spells by combining them before assigning to Guardians, enhancing their effectiveness while maintaining a delicate balance between power and cost. Your choices define the outcome of battles and the course of your adventure.

Features That Enhance the Experience:

Encounter 7 unique Soul Jewels, with 28 Guardians (and more planned) to unlock, including the powerful Pyromancer and enigmatic Charlatan.

Enjoy a classic animated graphic style and hand-drawn artwork, creating a visually immersive experience.

Access 14 spells and skills per gem, offering a total of 28 abilities for each Guardian, allowing for versatile combat strategies.

Experience procedurally generated isometric 2D maps, adapting based on quests and dream difficulty, ensuring each adventure feels fresh and unpredictable.

Face a nightmarish bestiary, challenging your skills with escalating levels of difficulty, making every battle a thrilling test of your strategic prowess.

Thyria: Step Into Dreams is more than a game; it's a journey through relentless ambition and iron will. Join Thyria in her quest, experience the fusion of dark fantasy aesthetics, and craft your legacy in the heart of nightmares. Are you prepared to venture into the dreamlike world of Thyria and emerge victorious against the demonic forces that haunt the dreamscape?

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