The Great Rebellion Game by NewGen & Wandering Wizard: Dystopian Cyberpunk Adventure 2085

Immerse yourself in 'The Great Rebellion,' a captivating 2D platformer, shooter, and rogue-like set in a cyberpunk dystopian Europe of 2085. Join the rebellion against technocratic elites, experience dynamic level generation, and explore a vast array of weapons and companions. Choose your difficulty, progress in 'The Waldgang' HUB world, and enjoy Easter eggs and parody references. Unveil a traditional yet tongue-in-cheek journey filled with archetypal characters. This authentic grassroots rebellion by Kvltgames promises a non-woke, entertaining escape from the ordinary. Play now and be part of the counter-cultural gaming experience!

General Information

Developer - Kvltgames

Publisher - AIP

Genre - Roguelike, Loot, Cyberpunk, 2D, Bullet Hell, Action, Dystopian

Platform(s) - Steam (PC)

Date Released - 1 Feb, 2024

The Great Rebellion is a cyberpunk 2D sidescrolling run'n'gun roguelite using mouse/twinstick-shooter controls. It features randomly generated levels, multiple difficulty modes (including optional permadeath), a dynamic soundtrack and an upgradeable player character.

Embark on an unforgettable journey

With 'The Great Rebellion,' where NewGen and Wandering Wizard join forces to create a thrilling cyberpunk gaming experience. Set in the year 2085, the game introduces players to a dystopian future Europe controlled by technocratic elites obsessed with achieving digital immortality through blockchain registration.

Play as a liberated hero, breaking free from the authoritarian system to join a larger rebellion. The game offers a unique blend of 2D platformer, shooter, and rogue-like elements, ensuring each playthrough is distinct. Encounter new laser weapons, upgrades, and companions to aid you in your quest to defeat bosses and disrupt the elites' plans.

Key Features include algorithmic level generation, providing a fresh layout with different characters and power-ups in each playthrough. With a single-player mode, customizable difficulty levels, and a progression system centered around 'The Waldgang' HUB world, players have the flexibility to tailor their experience.

Explore a vast array of fantastical weapons, experiment with combinations, and discover Easter eggs and pop culture references throughout the game. 'The Great Rebellion' proudly features traditional archetypal characters, European heroes, and tongue-in-cheek European stereotypes, making it a unique and engaging gaming experience.

Developed by Kvltgames, this grassroots rebellion against the mainstream gaming narrative began in 2021. The team, composed of like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds, crafted a game that stands out from the conventional. 'The Great Rebellion' is more than a game; it's a statement against the conformity of the industry.

Join Kvltgames in this fun, topical, and humorous gaming venture. Be part of a community that values safety, family, tradition, charity, fraternity, and loyalty. Experience a gaming journey that resonates with disenfranchised individuals looking for representation in a world that often forgets their common values. Play 'The Great Rebellion' now and support a gaming revolution that dares to be different!

the-great-rebellion the-great-rebellion the-great-rebellion

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