TerraScape: Build Your Dream City on Steam by Bitfall Studios and Toplitz Productions

Build your dream city with TerraScape, the captivating new game from Bitfall Studios and Toplitz Productions now available on Steam.

General Information

Developer - Bitfall Studios

Publisher - Toplitz Productions

Genre - Early Access, City Builder, Puzzle, Strategy, Tutorial, Casual, Atmospheric

Platform(s) - Steam

Date Released - 5 Apr, 2023

Available On


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Strategically place different building cards to earn points and unlock new cards as you skillfully grow your city turn by turn. Get ready to immerse yourself in this exciting world of urban development.

TerraScape is a city-building game that offers endless possibilities for players to create their dream cities.

Players can use different building cards from various decks to expand their cities and earn points by meeting building requirements.

However, players must be careful as there are negative influences that can affect their cities.

As players progress and collect more points, they can unlock new decks and buildings. TerraScape offers several game modes, procedural maps, and handcrafted missions with increasing difficulty.

The game's unique map generator provides endless possibilities, while the captivating graphics and lovingly designed landscapes will keep players engaged.

In Early Access, the game will be expanded with more decks, maps, and game modes in the future.

terrascape terrascape

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