Philips Tele-Spiel ES-2203 Video game console

General Information

Developer - Philips

Publisher - Philips

Release - 1977

Platform - Tele-Spiel ES-2203

Number of players - 1P / 2P

Tele-Spiel ES-2201
Tele-Spiel ES-2201

Philips Tele-Spiel ES-2203 Console sold since 1977. Made from the chip General Instruments AY-3-8500 which integrated within it all the logic of games and sound generation (" Pong on a chip")

The screens were black and white. No cartridges were provided. The console controllers were like those of the ES 2201 but without a button. The console allowed to play the six games of the chip including the two games with the optical gun.

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