Tape Recovery Simulator 96k by caffeinewithdrawalgames

During the 80's and early 90's audio analogue tape was one of the main storage mediums with a capacity of 600 Kb stored as actual sound.

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Developer - caffeinewithdrawalgames

Publisher - caffeinewithdrawalgames

Genre - Simulation, Adventure,Puzzle, Exploration, Sandbox, Tutorial, 2D

Platform(s) - Steam

Date Released - Q4 2021 / Q1 2022

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tape-recovery-simulator-96k tape-recovery-simulator-96k

tape-recovery-simulator-96k is a dark and disturbing card-based odyssey

It wasn't very reliable to begin with, since tapes and tape recorders varied greatly in quality and compatibility.

If not stored properly, tapes have a tendency to degrade over time, expecially if left near strong magnetic/electric fields (like cathode monitors/TVs, speakers, children, power sources, power plants, EMP bombs, any kind of star, ...). Sometimes, some of the data can still be recovered even after decades of mistreatment.

Tape Recovery Simulator 96K builds new game mechanics around old data recovery tricks. Caffeine Withdrawal Games’ philosophy is “games you haven’t played before” and TRS 96K is the perfect example of it.


Enjoy using a real simulated tape player with all the proper buttons (play, stop, ff, rew) + a few new ones.

Audio tapes holding data with multiple degrees of corruption.

Rediscover the lost art of loading data off tapes:

Tweak sound (volume, pitch, tape speed, revert, ...) to appease the 8bit loading routine that is extremly unforgiving to data errors

Learn and use old data recoverty tricks (header swap, audio channel swap, leader shortcircuit, ...)

Play with data (descramble, decrypt, decode, search, piece together, ...)

Work and suffer for a pittance as an EES employee with an absurd boss and (semi-)impossible tasks.

Discover and assemble stories, fake art, real art, conspiracy theories. Everything is sprinkled with lots of plain old insanity fueled by EES' boss.

8bit applications and minigames (BASIC / machine code) waiting to be recovered, repaired, executed, re-executed and re-re-executed.

The 8bit look, feel and simplicity we all crave for.

Turbo tape loading speed speed of up to 1.6 kb/s

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No cutscenes (unskippable or otherwise)

True tried and tested eye care advice for the player.

Despotism 3k

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