Atari stunt cycle console released in 1976 | Vox Odyssey

General Information

Developer - Atari, Inc.

Publisher - Atari, Inc.

Release - 1976

Platform - Stunt Cycle

Number of players - 1P / 2P

Stunt Cycle
stunt Cycle

Stunt Cycle is a 1 player (or 2 players alternating) arcade game by Atari Inc.

Originally released in 1976. It attempted to cash in on the Evel Knievel craze of the mid 1970s by allowing the player to perform their own simulated motorcycle jumping stunts. The game is housed in a custom cabinet that includes a simulated motorcycle steering column mounted on the control panel. The right side handle grip is twisted for acceleration. The monitor is a 19-inch black and white CRT monitor with a black and white overlay. Sounds include a motorcycle roar, crash sounds, and crowd cheers.

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