Space Station Tycoon: Intergalactic Management Game | Lunheim Studios

Explore the cosmos in Space Station Tycoon, a futuristic management/strategy game by Lunheim Studios. Build and customize your space station, hire skilled staff, cater to diverse pilots, and face thrilling challenges. Combine classic tycoon mechanics with base defense strategies in this cosmic adventure.

General Information

Developer - Lunheim Studios

Publisher - Lunheim Studios

Genre - Management, Space, Tower Defense, City Builder, Colony Sim, Building, Crafting

Platform(s) - PC (Steam)

Date Released - 29 Oct, 2020

Available On


Create a thriving space station in a lost sector. Face thrilling challenges head-on, from pirate raids to asteroid impacts, as you lead your company to new heights.

Become a Cosmic Entrepreneur

In "Space Station Tycoon," you step into the shoes of a visionary entrepreneur in the year 3000AD. Humanity's reach has stretched across the stars, and in this capitalistic future, ambitious individuals like you seize the opportunity to build and manage space stations in uncharted sectors of the galaxy. Your mission: establish a thriving space station empire that stands as a testament to your entrepreneurial prowess.

Construct Your Interstellar Hub:

Take charge of every aspect of your space station's design and functionality. Create an expansive galactic hub, customizing it with diverse facilities and amenities. From docking bays to entertainment centers, craft a space station that caters to the needs of interstellar travelers, ensuring their satisfaction and securing your station's reputation as a top destination.

Assemble a Skilled Crew:

Recruit a team of skilled staff members, each contributing their unique expertise to keep your space station running smoothly. Manage diverse roles, from engineers to entertainers, assigning tasks and responsibilities strategically. Your staff's efficiency is paramount in delivering exceptional services and attracting a steady stream of pilots.

Face Cosmic Challenges:

Navigate the cosmos teeming with hazards and challenges. From pirate raids threatening your resources to asteroid impacts endangering your infrastructure, your strategic decision-making skills will be put to the ultimate test. Prepare defenses, make tactical choices, and safeguard your investments from the unpredictable dangers of space.

Cater to Galactic Pilots:

Welcome pilots from various corners of the galaxy, each with their distinct desires and demands. Adapt your services to cater to the diverse needs of these interstellar travelers. Whether it's refueling their ships, providing entertainment, or assisting in their quests for adventure, your ability to meet their expectations will determine your station's success.

Economic Mastery:

Engage with the dynamic space station market, where the demands of pilots fluctuate, presenting new challenges and opportunities. Stay adaptable, adjust your strategies, and manage your resources wisely to capitalize on market trends. Stay ahead of economic shifts to ensure the continued prosperity of your empire.

Uncover Mysteries and Secrets:

Beware of enigmatic threats lurking in the depths of space. Mysterious elements and hidden dangers await your discovery. As you unravel the secrets, your ability to anticipate and counter these unexpected challenges will prove vital in safeguarding your space station empire.

Strategic Depth and Difficult Choices:

"Space Station Tycoon" draws inspiration from classic tycoon games, emphasizing strategic depth and intricate decision-making. Every choice you make, from station layout to staff management, will shape the destiny of your space station empire. Embrace the challenge and craft a space station that stands as a testament to your managerial acumen.

Embark on Your Cosmic Odyssey:

"Space Station Tycoon" invites you to embark on a cosmic odyssey, where your entrepreneurial spirit, strategic brilliance, and adaptability will be put to the test. Build a space station that thrives amidst the stars, catering to the needs of a diverse galaxy of travelers. Will you rise above the challenges and create a space station legacy that echoes through the ages? The cosmos awaits your entrepreneurial genius.

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