Dodge to the Beat with Soundodger 2 - Available Now on Steam from Studio Bean

Experience an Endless Ballet of Bullets to Award-Winning Music in Our Hand-Crafted Levels - Dodge and Weave with the Robust Level Editor

General Information

Developer - Studio Bean

Publisher - Studio Bean

Genre - Early Access, Rhythm, Arcade, Bullet Hell, Relaxing, Shoot 'Em Up, Difficult

Platform(s) - Steam

Date Released - 11 Oct, 2021

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Dodge the music and weave through an endless ballet of bullets in an all-new collection of hand-crafted levels set to the music of an award-winning cast of international musicians.

Turn any song into an amazing experience with the robust Level Editor and never run out of things to dodge.

Soundodger 2 is an innovative music game where players must dodge an array of bullets, lasers, and challenges that are choreographed to the beat of every song.

With an all-new selection of music from award-winning musicians and a powerful level editor that allows players to use their own music, Soundodger 2 promises endless hours of dodging and weaving.

The game features an impressive visual design, multiple difficulty levels, and challenge modes that will test players' skills to the limit.

Additionally, players can use power-ups and game mods to make the game even more chaotic. With legacy support for older levels and the ability to play using a mouse, keyboard, or controller, Soundodger 2 is the ultimate dodge-em-up music game.

soundodger-2 soundodger-2

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