Sky Beneath

Sky Beneath by Mindhaven Games

In Sky Beneath players assume the role of Cassie, an intrepid scavenger seeking salvage in abandoned mining facilities.

General Information

Developer - Mindhaven Games

Publisher - Mindhaven Games

Genre - Adventure, Puzzle, 3D Platformer, Sci-fi, Physics


Date Released - 2021

Website -

Available soon Steam


Developer Social Media

Set in a magical realism universe

Aided by her inventor friend Annie and the use of advanced alien technology, Cassie takes control of the gravity to walk on walls and ceilings and change the gravity direction of objects around her. Up and down are all relative in this mind-bending adventure!.

Set on a planet where an uneasy alliance between humans and technologically advanced aliens has caused an increased rift between the rich and the poor, Cassie and Annie must uncover the truth of what happened to the previous inhabitants of this land and how to get off this ravaged planet.

As they solve increasingly complex puzzles, they’ll traverse high tech research labs, opulent floating cities, and alien citadels. They’ll also encounter alien flora and fauna, like the mischievous ratcoons, which are exactly what they sound like.

Sky Beneath Sky Beneath
Sky Beneath

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