Shattered Heaven: Unleash a Dark Fantasy Deck Builder RPG Adventure!

Embark on an ambitious narrative-driven journey in Shattered Heaven, a single-player deck builder card game with RPG elements now available on Steam. Immerse yourself in a dark fantasy world, where tactical RPG fights and dynamic deckbuilding await in procedurally generated dungeons. Customize your heroes, explore hostile lands, and craft powerful items to break an ancient curse and secure the survival of your species. Discover the unique 2D cartoon style and epic soundtrack that adds Lovecraftian flavor to this captivating game!

General Information

Developer - Leonardo Production

Publisher - Leonardo Interactive, WhisperGames

Genre - Card Battler, Strategy, Roguelite, RPG, Turn-Based, Card Game, Choices Matter

Platform(s) - PC

Date Released - 31 May, 2023

Available On


Shattered Heaven is a single-player deck builder card game with RPG elements and an ambitious branching narrative, set in a dark fantasy world. The game focuses on a card game and roguelike gameplay fueled by a great replay value, thanks to procedural dungeons, a deep crafting system.

Shattered Heaven, brought to you by Leonardo Interactive and WhisperGames, takes you on a captivating adventure through a nameless world plagued by a dying God's betrayal and an ancient curse.

Humanity survives in a hostile environment, with four factions fighting for survival. Sleepless nights, infertility, and death at the age of 40 haunt the cursed populations, and their only hope lies in a brutal ritual known as the War of Ascension.

In this single-player deck builder card game with RPG elements, you lead a team of valiant warriors in the War of Ascension. Customize your starting decks for each hero and draft new cards during each run to adapt to ever-changing challenges in procedural dungeons. Engage in tactical RPG fights against epic monsters, loot valuable treasures, and enhance your strategy through a deep skill tree system.

Shattered Heaven's narrative structure is enriched by players' choices, influencing not only the fate of main characters but also the entire world. Each character possesses unique mechanics and fighting styles, customizable through trinkets and the skill tree. Use treasures and recipes found inside dungeons to craft and upgrade potions, weapons, and amulets.

The game's dynamic deckbuilding system allows you to create three starting decks for each hero and customize them during each run, ensuring a different experience each time. Explore a hostile world with procedurally generated challenges, traps, and treasures in dungeons that offer unique gameplay in every run.

Assemble your team, face the challenges of the War of Ascension, and decide the fate of your species with your choices. Explore the rich tactical RPG fights, engage in the innovative crafting system, and experience the dark fantasy world brought to life with a unique 2D cartoon style and a Lovecraftian flavor. All of this is complemented by an epic soundtrack featuring opera singers.

Shattered Heaven embraces player feedback during its early access phase on Steam, providing an opportunity for active participation in shaping the game's final experience. Additional modes and features are planned to be gradually implemented based on players' preferences, ensuring continuous evolution and replayability.

Are you ready to break the curse and lead your heroes to victory in the War of Ascension? Join the adventure in Shattered Heaven and experience a blend of dark fantasy, tactical RPG, and deck builder gameplay that will leave you craving more. Wishlist the game now on Steam and be part of this epic journey! The game launches on May 31, 2023.

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