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Alex Kidd High-Tech World
Sega Master System game

General Information

Developer - Sega

Publisher - Sega

Release - 1989

Alex Kidd High-Tech World

Alex Kidd: High-Tech World is a re-branded version of Anmitsu Hime, and was released to western audiences for the Sega Master System in 1989

Being the Crown Prince of Planet Aries is never easy. On top of being a galactic hero, you have to deal with parents, teachers and palace retainers! But you're a Kidd at heart, and you just have to go to the new High-Tech World video arcade to play the newest Sega games. The problem is, the map to the arcade has been torn up into 8 pieces and hidden in the castle. As you look for the pieces you'll discover just how weird life in a castle can be! If you find them, you'll have to fight your way through a forest filled with blue Ninjas. Survive this ordeal and you'll have to find a travel pass in the village to make it over the border!