Roterra 3: A Sovereign Twist - Out Now on Steam & App store by DiG-iT! Games

Discover a magical world where up is relative in Roterra 3 - A Sovereign Twist. Flip and turn cubes to overcome puzzles in 24 levels with over 50 new challenges. Available now on Steam and the Apple Store.

General Information

Developer - DiG-iT! Games

Publisher - DiG-iT! Games

Genre - Casual, Puzzle, Family Friendly, Logic, Female Protagonist, Exploration, 3D

Platform(s) - Steam, App Store

Date Released - 30 Mar, 2023

Available On

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Roterra 3—A Sovereign Twist is a casual puzzle game in the magical world of Roterra® where up is relative and the path ahead may actually be behind.

Welcome to the magical world of Roterra® 3 – A Sovereign Twist, a puzzle game where up is relative and the path ahead may actually be behind you.

In this game, you will enter a floating cube world where gravity is no obstacle, and your perspective can change everything.

As the main character, you will face off with Angelica and Orlando in 24 levels containing over 50 hand-crafted puzzles. Rotate, flip, and shift the cubes to move the ground, open pathways, and overcome barriers. With advanced planning and innovative gameplay, you must clear your route by flipping paths and toggling switches.

The game features beautifully decorated levels with updated art styles, a new swamp environment where you must avoid frogs and bees, and new snow and ice worlds that will bring a chill to your play. You will also explore new areas in the world of Roterra.

The puzzles are solvable, but they require careful planning as they include hidden paths, hard-to-reach switches, and path-changing gems. You may get lost trying to figure out the impossible-looking puzzles, but you will never get stuck!

The game is accompanied by new music from award-winning composer Tapani Siirtola, who has worked on the trailer for the season finale of HBO's Game of Thrones series.

Roterra 3 is a continuation in a series of games originally launched for mobile devices. It is the first game available on Steam from DiG-iT! Games®, a small, woman-run, independent game studio in Bethesda, MD dedicated to creating innovative indie game experiences.

Overall, Roterra 3 – A Sovereign Twist is an exciting and challenging puzzle game that will excite puzzle game fans with its numerous puzzles, pick-up and play design, and imaginative level design.

roterra-3-a-sovereign-twist roterra-3-a-sovereign-twist roterra-3-a-sovereign-twist

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