Return from Core: Dig, Build, Farm, and Befriend Monster Girls in this Epic Sandbox RPG Adventure!

Embark on a subterranean odyssey in Return from Core, a captivating sandbox RPG by Tanxun Studio and 2P Games. Dig deep, explore, build, farm, and automate as you navigate the underground world. Encounter charming Monster Girls, befriend them, and harness their unique abilities. Uncover the secrets of ancient technology to restore humanity and return to the surface. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure filled with exploration, creativity, and companionship.

General Information

Developer - Tanxun Studio

Publisher - 2P Games

Genre - Crafting, Survival, Automation, Base Building, Sandbox, Singleplayer, Early Access

Platform(s) - PC(Steam)

Date Released - 15 Dec, 2023

Available On


Dig, explore, build, farm, automate, and meet charming Monster Girls in this sandbox RPG. Build your camp, plant crops, set up automated production lines and prepare for an unforgettable adventure!

In Return from Core

The Earth's surface has met tragedy, compelling humanity to retreat deep underground near the planet's core. As one of the last remnants of civilization, your mission is to scavenge, mine for resources, and confront monsters that lurk in the depths. The key to survival lies in discovering powerful ancient technology to restore mankind and return to the surface.

Dig & Explore:

Equip your trusty pickaxe and lantern as you dig through the inner core. Use explosives to carve paths, defend against tunneling terrors like sandworms, white wolf spiders, and robotic rodents. The underground world is teeming with challenges and wonders waiting to be uncovered.


Create a haven for yourself underground. Craft the perfect camp to protect against creatures and provide a safe place to spend the night. Customize your camp with a variety of crafted furniture, turning your underground abode into a cozy and inviting space.


Survival requires sustenance. Grow vegetables, hunt underground creatures, and experiment with recipes to create diverse foods. Let your creativity and culinary skills shine as you discover perfect combinations to keep yourself well-fed in this subterranean world.


Start your mining journey with a pickaxe, but don't stop there. Unearth lost technologies to build automated mining and production systems. Sit back and let machines do the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on exploration and discovery.

Monster Girls:

Cultivate friendships with adorable Monster Girls, humanoid hybrids with unique abilities. Learn their distinct personalities, gain their favor, and utilize their skills on your journey to the surface. Lilith, Cartier, Mona, and others await your companionship. Activate their buffs in combat and other endeavors as you explore the depths and befriend these extraordinary companions.

Join the adventure in Return from Core, where every dig, build, and friendship forged takes you one step closer to uncovering the secrets of the underground world and returning to the surface.

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